Acoustical Ceiling Cleaning Services

Simply put, we offer professional ceiling cleaning and restoration services. We have dealers and distributors conveniently located nationwide for fast safe quiet service with no interruption to your business routine.


Restore the look and function of your acoustic ceiling with Acoustic Clean!

Our ceiling cleaning and restoration services eliminate:

  • Grease Stains
  • Smoke Stains
  • Water Stains

Cleaning your ceiling sanitizes deodorize and disinfect without affecting acoustics and fire rating. We offer a an exclusive process utilizing 12 specialty developed chemical solutions that remove grease, smoke and water stains.

Types of ceilings we clean with our exclusive process

  • Blown
  • Sprayed
  • Tiled
  • Painted

We also clean: gridwork, vents, light fixtures, most wall coverings and paneling.

The following information offers a description of our process, solutions, types of ceilings we are able to clean an estimated savings.

Cost comparison: savings up to 70% compared to replacement labor and materials included, 30% to 50% compared to painting.

Application and process: solutions are applied by noiseless spray atomizing system. Compressed air is used is the propellant so there is no need for an electric motor.

Method of cleaning: acoustical, mineral board, spray texture, and sound soak services metal plastic vinyl film and painted surfaces spray dry spray and wipe

Cleaning solutions: 15 USDA and OSHA approved chemical detergent solutions. Ours solutions are formulated to clean, Brighton, disinfect and sanitize; while removing dirt and stains: smoke, nicotine, oil,  grease, mildew, fingerprints. and water stains

Most bacterial growth mildew and germs are eliminated during cleaning of the ceiling system using our solutions

Cleaning of the system: cleaning includes tiles diffusers vents grids light lenses and speakers.

Preparation and coverage: air handling units in the immediate area are shut down and blocked so solutions will not be disbursed into other areas. Smoke attacked floors covered prior to cleaning. All furniture computer equipment, floors, walls and other items are covered with new plastic during cleaning.

Food processing areas: all food processing equipment, tables utensils and other items are covered with new plastic prior to cleaning. Plastic is recycled or dispose of each day to prevent cross-contamination.

This system is excellent for use in healthcare facilities in areas where noise cannot be tolerated.