Acoustic Clean Ceiling Maintenance Service


Dirty areas around the HVAC air diffusers and vents: our specialty cleaning method when we clean and blend the dirty tiles in the areas around the HVAC air diffusers and vents. This service improve the overall appearance in continue with the continuity of the ceiling, prevents permanent staining of the tiles and they also improve air quality. The program prevent unnecessary replacement of The tiles around the fixtures and prevents the typical checkerboard look when the original tiles and replace with new tiles.

HVAC in duct cleaning: cleaning and sanitizing the entire HVAC system.

Treatment of water stains: treatment of water stained tiles calls by water from HVAC condensation pipe pipe or Rukh roof leak dependent age and severity of water stains

Repairs of the ceiling system: repairs/replacement of damaged grid suspension T bars/grid’s suspension wiring diffusers and events

New product line: grid covers for covering up existing rusting painted or old grid systems. No need to replace the grid to remove the tiles for new look low corroding and non-yellowing.

Replacement of damaged or mismatch tiles replacement of damaged or miss matched or missing tiles with matching tiles we also carry a number of discontinued and hard to find tiles for replacement purposes

Cleaning of lights and fixtures: cleaning of bulbs, light housings, reflector in the lens interior and exterior her. Improved lighting quality.

Re-lamping of lights reliving of lights with new bulbs for optimal lighting quality and efficiency. Replacement of damaged or old lenses available. Choice of new lenses in energy-efficient lights and ballast are available.

Specialize cleaning service for healthier facility and a restored look: ceiling cleaning – clean sanitize brightens the ceiling system while renewing its appearance. Ceiling system hi Jean for a healthier, safer in brighter facility. Ceiling system maintenance – cleaning of dirty areas around the HVAC fixtures and fixtures improve appearance prevents permanent stains in improves air-quality. Ceiling restoration and ceiling tile replacement – creates a new look older facilities full restoration or replacement of dated or ceilings that are beyond cleaning.