Our Method, Our Equipment & Our Solution

Acoustic clean is a chemical process of cleaning acoustical ceiling tile by spraying with chemical formulas. This process will remove most all stains such as water, grease, smoke, etc. And will renovate your ceiling to an original like new condition.

The Original Giant Mist Atomizing Ceiling Cleaning System

ceiling-cleaning-qualityUnlike other methods used in the past, such as scrubbing, wiping, or painting, this method will not leave any streaks or destroy the acoustics of your ceiling. The chemical reaction begins immediately upon application causing the cleaning and brightening process to take place before your eyes as if by magic.

The main advantages of this method of renovation is that it can be done quickly, and at a fraction of the cost of any other method without any noise or mess. This process is not limited to acoustical ceilings. Through the combination of different chemicals it will clean almost any type of ceiling in existence. Some of the formulas were originally created in 1970s and with enhancements and additional new compounds have proven effective throughout the USA and the world.

All solutions approved by USDA.
OSHA safety data sheets filed.